Wiki Lockdown

The AirDrive MediaWiki frontpage was getting too much spam, so I closed down editing for anonymous users. This should stop all spam related issues on the Wiki.

Welcome newest developer!

AirDrive development team has a new member. Everyone welcome sourceforge user EuanReid.

AirDrive 0.1.28 Released!

The latest version has been released. It includes some new features and many bug fixes. Download it here.

New additions to the AirDrive team

AirDrive now has a development team!

After nearly a year of being a one-man operation, the community power of sourceforge has brought in new talent to the project.

Everyone welcome our new developers:

  • jonnofury
  • lightcube
  • sairam_thriloka
  • tvkopensrc
  • vbcmk

Work on 0.1.28 has started.

With a fresh set of bugs to fix, work on 0.1.28 has started. Check back soon for the newest release.

AirDrive 0.1.27 Released

This update features some bug fixes and integrates with the documentation Wiki.


-fixed another relative link error that would cause file data XML file to fail during load
-added better handling of errors during profile load
-better handling of bad internet connections, creation of roaming ping checker
-fixed error that caused file deletion to fail in GMail accounts
-eliminated all registry creation code and replaced with My.Settings objects
-changed internal links to point to better media wiki
-added ‘help’ buttons to all modal dialog boxes that link to wikimedia documentation pages
-added total support for Google Apps accounts

AirDrive 0.1.26 has been released!

This was a major bug fix. Thanks to all who provided bug reports. Here is the changelog:

  • fixed bug that would save file shutdown.bin to the desktop
  • added a VB setting that monitors shutdown status
  • fixed cross threading error that would cause decryption of the account file to file on some platforms
  • fixed relative path startup error caused by INNO script
  • Any .NET developers are badly needed. If you are programmer and you want to help make AirDrive better, please join the development team. Documentation writers and blog developers are also needed. Every little bit helps.

    More updates!

    Although AirDrive 0.1.25 was just released, another version, with major bug fixes, will be coming out soon. Several issues were reported by users and I am happy to say that many of them have been fixed. Expect a new release within a few hours!

    Thanks to all who reported bugs. Keep up the splendid work.

    Bug fix release

    Tomorrow, AirDrive 0.1.25 will be released in response to several bug reports. Hang on to your hats!

    AirDrive 0.1.24 released today

    Later this afternoon, AirDrive 0.1.24 will be released. This update is long over due, but hopefully this project will move along much more quickly now that I have all of my hosting issues taken care of.

    Here are the changes included in the newest package:
    -added license header to every page of source
    -redirected some internal links to sourceforge
    -made connection error handling more robust
    -fixed an error that would crash the program on Windows 7 64 Bit machines.
    -minor cosmetic changes to the accounts creation dialog
    -changed some URL specifiers
    -began adding framework for multilanguage support
    -begin developing framework for online support wiki on sourceforge
    -changed several links to reflect to hosting
    -updated installer script
    -update checking enabled by default
    -repaired an error that could cause accounts to be immediately corrrupted after creation on some architectures

    Check here to proceed to download page