AirDrive 0.1.24 released today

Later this afternoon, AirDrive 0.1.24 will be released. This update is long over due, but hopefully this project will move along much more quickly now that I have all of my hosting issues taken care of.

Here are the changes included in the newest package:
-added license header to every page of source
-redirected some internal links to sourceforge
-made connection error handling more robust
-fixed an error that would crash the program on Windows 7 64 Bit machines.
-minor cosmetic changes to the accounts creation dialog
-changed some URL specifiers
-began adding framework for multilanguage support
-begin developing framework for online support wiki on sourceforge
-changed several links to reflect to hosting
-updated installer script
-update checking enabled by default
-repaired an error that could cause accounts to be immediately corrrupted after creation on some architectures

Check here to proceed to download page

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